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Downloading transaction history for a token (add time to the data filter)



  • Samad Eagle

    It will be so great if you add time dialog too.
    I'm gonna wait for it.
    Thank you so much.

  • Samad Eagle

    Thank you a lot. 
    I'm so happy right now getting some results <3 .
    I've got the 10K from website perfectly.
    Right now I'm left with only 2 question.
    1.Is there any way to get these 10K from the website with the METHOD in it too ? ( like swap ETH for token and etc )

    2. I'm not familiar with coding that much. I just know some basic stuff. I've read your documents and don't know where to begin or put those codes and get the final result.
    Is there any basic ( real basic ) guide to help me get this done ?
    Can I get csv file result with API just like the one I get from the website ?
    Can I get the transactions METHOD too with the API ?

  • Ethplorer Team

    1. Method is not available at the moment
    2. Unfortunately we don't have a basic guide.

    We will consider your suggestion to add time to the export dialog box.

  • Ethplorer Team

    In the you can download up to 10,000 transactions in CSV format.
    If you need more, you can use the API. For example


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