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BulkAPI request string



  • ArtemKo7v [ Ethplorer Team ]

    The Bulk API Monitor starts tracking addresses in the pool only from the moment you've added them to the pool. One does not simply add an address to the pool and watch its previous transactions. You will only receive the events that were raised after you've added the address.

    If you want to traverse back the address history, there is a separate API method for it:


    Thank you!

    Ohh ok that make sense. How does it behaves if I e. g.

    T0 add address A
    T1 add address B
    T2 add address C

    and asking for operations of the pool form time T0 ... did get address B and C ignored or send all operation from the time they add?

    Also the responses looks like this doesnt set the request time automaticly on the time when the addresses is added...

    lets say I added yesterday and asking for all operations from day before yesterday to today. The response has a "lastsolidBlock" timestamp thats 257 seconds old (as in the excample above).

    So do I have to save the "adding timestamp" to make a valid request or get an correct answere?

    Thank you so much!


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