Add wallet tags to API data
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Downloading transaction history for a token (add time to the data filter)
0 votes 4 comments
Ability to get telegram notifications in channels
0 votes 1 comment
Name a pool and get pool id by name
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Mute stable coin wallet alerts
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Replicate for BSC Planned
11 votes 3 comments
Show balance graph in ETH
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Downloaded transaction history Answered
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Build your own erc20 protocol and have ETHMNY be balancer token for the protocol
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Idea feedback request make crypto wallet exchange
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Address watching Completed
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how to get the project api? Answered
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API - Add ability to use getAddressInfo with multiple addresses Planned
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Add all time high & low details for tokens Answered
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Tokens invisible
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Add search filter by Tag Completed
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Improve Export function. Add Tags/Notes Completed
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API: Be able to get top holders of a specific token Completed
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